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Find a Wine

You are at a restaurant or an event & you partake in a wine that you really like.

What should you do if you want to attempt to buy that wine for yourself?  First and foremost – Always ask to see the bottle and using your phone take a picture of the front and the back labels.  The information on the back label is most important.

wine label


find a winePlan A Local

Look for Imported by: Distributor Info. You can contact the local distributor and ask them where in your area they have placed that wine.  Or if you have a favorite store already take the pictures to the store and if they do not stock ask them to special order it and tell them the importer/distributor info.  This will go along way in saving them time tracking this information down.  Do not be shy about asking for a special order because you think you need to buy a case of 12 bottles.  In many states a retail shop can buy a single bottle or a minimum of three bottles.  Now if your retailer does not buy from that distributor they may need to create a minimum order and if that is the case we go to Plan B.

winemaker websitePlan B Local

Look for the winemaker’s website on the back label.  Go to their website and see if they have a Distributors Page.  Some of the larger wineries should have that page but if not go to the contact page and ask the winemaker who distributes in your state. Once you hear back from them go back to Plan A.

Plan C Online

If your state allows for shipping wine into your state that is your last option.  Check your state’s wine shipping laws because every state has different regulations.  Look for an online seller like or other online stores.  Try to buy a case of wine or more,  You will typically get a discount and/or a break on the shipping cost.  We often do this when our local store can no longer get a wine we drink on a regular basis but we are not yet ready to look for something new.  This is particularly true for rosé wines as they typically sell out by the end of the season.