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Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens…. Favorite Things


Today seems like a great day for some Favorite Things.  Anyone that knows me is aware that I am not a shopper.  When I find something I like I am very loyal and will stay true until it is no longer available.  I have basically 5 ways that I learn about new gadgets, clothes, foods, and other favorite things: Amazon, Costco, Blair, referred by a friend, or an internet ad.

Favorite Money Saver

I love my Sonicare toothbrush and have been faithful to the brand for years and years.  I do have to admit that I hate paying $8-12 for a replacement brush head.  And now I do not have to!  Thanks to friend Bryan, he told me that there are now “aftermarket” manufacturers selling replacement brushes on Amazon.  Genkent sells a set of six for $17.49 which is about $2.91 per brush.  The brush heads are a bit softer than the Sonicare but I like the feel and I continue to get good check ups so, cool.  Brightdeal also sells a set of six.  Their brush heads tend to be a bit more stiff than both Sonicare brand and Genkent.  Theirs sells for $19.99 for a set of six (or $3.33 per head).  I have used both but personally prefer the Genkent.

Best Shoes Ever

As I have said before I do not like shoes with laces.  I much prefer the loafer style of shoe regardless of the occasion.  I found these Skechers USA Navy Blue Canvas Slide-on Loafer at DSW originally but but when Breezy chewed up one of my shoes while I napped, I could not find them again.  So I check on Amazon and EUREKA! there they were.  They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.  The key is the Gel Infused and Gel Top Memory Foam insoles.  Be still my heart.  My feet love these shoes.  On Amazon they are selling for $54.50.

Ice Cream: Good and Bad News

Costco sells the best commercially produced and packaged vanilla ice cream I have ever had.  It is so rich and creamy and tastes like real vanilla.  It is decadent beyond your imagination.  That is the good news. It has always been produced by Humboldt Creamery but it used to be the Kirkland brand.  When it was Kirkland it sold for around $10.50 for a 2- half gallon containers.  Here is the bad news.  Today, I earned that they are no longer selling it as Kirkland but as Humboldt Creamery… and the price went up to $12.50.  Yes, I bought it anyway.  It is a favorite thing… I must have it.

favorite things


The Perfect Butter Dish for European Butter

We use Irish Grass-fed Butter in our kitchen.  Because Euro butter is twice the width of American butter you either have to slice it longways to fit in a standard American butter dish or get a European butter dish.  Sur la Table has the perfect European butter dish.  It is glass but it certainly is not fragile.  I love it and at only $19.00 it is affordable and stylish.


A Love Affair with Seersucker

Through the power of internet searching I found  To say that it is a clothing company that sells well made clothes at a reasonable price that is “hip and stylish” for the “older” and less “hip”.  It is now my “go to” favorite website for comfortable casual clothes.  Here in Charleston, it is already getting hot outside and when it’s hot I sweat and it ain’t pretty.  But seersucker keeps the fabric away from your skin which allow the sweat to evaporate versus visibly soak into your clothes.  Not only that but the shirt needs no ironing.  It is crinkled by nature.  The Scandia Woods Seersucker Shirt sells for $24-$35 but is frequently on sale, as it is now selling for $20-$32.  Comes in 8 different plaids from Small to 4Xfavorite things






  1. We just tried the humboldt ice cream and think it pales in comparison to kirkland. – bitter aftertaste and it costs more money! I called to complain and will be returning immediately. I can’t believe they think it’s a suitable replacement.

    • That is really odd because it is the same ice cream just different packaging.

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