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Confessions of a Wine Geek 2022

Ahem… Not Wine Geek but Wine Enthusiast.

I did a confessions post like this back in the Spring of 2018. That list is still reasonably accurate, with the exception that after our last wine fridge purchase, Gary has vetoed getting any more. (for the record, the last wine fridge purchased holds 350 bottles, so I dare not complain.)

New Confessions 2022

I have been known to use an Infrared Thermometer Gun to check the drinking temperature of my glass of wine.

We always use the “Three Sip Rule” before we say anything about the wine we just tasted.

Or you mention the 3 sip rule when your first or second sip is surprising in a good way by saying, “this did not even take three sips.”

Or you proclaim the 3 sip rule when the first sip is downright awful, but you still give it two more tries.

Sidenote: Yes, There Really IS a 3-Sip Rule!

First sip and you are still tasting what you had in your mouth just before and can completely throw off your tastebuds. The second sip is the flush, so run it all over the inside your mouth. And by the third sip, you should get the pure joy of the wine you are drinking.

Back to Confessions

You use all your vacation time to visit wine regions. The last stop was Paso Robles, CA. The next stop is the Island of Sicily in Italy.

Palmetto is excellent. Still reading the Mt Etna book and am loving the depth of knowledge.

And before you go, you read books about the wines and the wine region. As we prep for our trip later this year, I am already on my second book about Sicilian wine.

You have been to a winery and did a tasting with breakfast. Not brunch….. 8:30 am breakfast. (but that was the only time they could fit us in)

You tasted over 60 different wines in a single day.

We all chewed on pencils when we were young. But I will still periodically chew on a pencil to remind me of the taste and smell of graphite.

Perhaps a bit excessive but…


You have an uncontrollable desire to hang out in a grocery store’s produce section, squeezing, tapping, pinching, and rubbing on fresh fruit to expose the aroma and remind yourself of the various scents. Especially the obscure stuff because they are expensive. But you don’t because you do not want to be banned or arrested.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

You keep a list of every wine (grape variety) you have tasted. The list is currently at 176. Is it bizarre to make it a game to find 24 more so you can crack the 200 mark?

If you have never had this Greek variety – Malagouzia, you need to try it. Delicious medium-bodied white wine. YUM!!

And you “high five” or “fist pump” when you find a new variety or a new wine that has been on your search list.

Ok, fine. You have a wine search list.  Doesn’t everyone?

That is all for now!



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