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Monday Coffee * New Brand & a Mea Culpa

Monday, Monday, bah, dah, bah, da da da… So did you sing along as you read? The second portion of that lyric is the depth of my vocabulary until about 2:30 pm each and every Monday. It is not that my Sundays are all that wild. I merely have a mental block regarding Mondays. Perhaps if I was a “morning person” instead of a “night owl.” it might be different, but I will never know.

Monday Coffee
Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

Coffee Roasters of Charleston

About a week ago, Gary came home from work and said, “Hey, a co-worker’s husband roasts coffee, and she wants to know if you want to try some.” “Of course,” I said, even though in my head I was thinking, OOOhhh, this is not going to go well. I am so, so particular when it comes to my coffee.

A few days later, Gary came home from work with a bag of coffee. Francisco Davila’s Signature Coffee: Sexy Seven. I am not sure what makes it “sexy” or what the “seven” means but there you have it.  That said, Sexy Seven is their darkest roast which based on what I had written on the blog they thought we would prefer. It is Fair Trade and Organic, so far so good. Not sure of the beans country of origin, but does that really matter? I’m thinking no. I ask Gary to make tomorrow morning’s pot with just this coffee. (Remember we usually blend full-caf and decaf to brew our custom dark roast half-caf.)

Monday Coffee

The Results

The next morning, I honestly forgot (remember I am a night owl) that we are sampling the coffee.

I poured a cup. It smelled great. I took my first sip.


For a brief moment, I was confused. It did not taste like our daily coffee. I was immediately transported to a small cafe somewhere in Europe. It is strong with a boldness balance of a European morning blend. Where is my croissant or baguette? That is what I am now craving. I am so happy and honestly surprised.  I say surprised because when I looked at the grounds, they did not appear “that dark,” yet the taste from my cup was dark, rich and full of flavor. There was absolutely no bitter taste or aftertaste.

Monday Coffee
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

This is a fantastic cup of coffee. I am going to have to have Gary add decaf, per my doctor’s orders but I am sure that the resulting cup will be as close to a perfect cup as it can be. I think this is one to add to our rotation. Well done. Well done.

This coffee is available directly on their website and at select retail locations in the Charleston area. Please see the website for the list.


**Sample provided by Coffee Roasters of Charleston. Note: As per my sample policy, I always disclose when I receive a free sample. That said I am under no obligation to provide a favorable review of said sample. Had I not liked what I tasted you would have never seen mention of this product.

This Monday Morning

As I take the crowbars to my eyelids on this Monday morning, I start to go through my email. I have a message from an Asser Christensen. Just from looking at a name that seems foreign, I assume I have won a world lottery grand prize, and he is going to need my bank account information to deposit the funds.

But then I start reading, and he references a post that I did last July when I announced that coffee was “Important by My Other.” After that, I went on and made a tongue and cheek list of what coffee is and isn’t.

It turns out that he is a Danish (and now international) Coffee Blogger. Additionally, he had a concern about one of the items on my list.  The item that referenced Asian Civet Cat coffee and a link in that post to an article that claimed that Civet coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. (Not true and also cruel)

I was horrified to learn that this coffee is a ruse designed to charge a lot for coffee that is actually harming these omnivorous animals that would eat coffee beans along with other seeds, shoots, insects, fruits, and small mammals. Never would they only eat coffee berries. But because of this tourism marketing opportunity, animals are now caged and only fed coffee to supply the demand.

Monday Coffee
Civet coffee is made from beans that have been partially digested by the Asian palm civet. (Photo: Stefan Magdalinski/Flickr)

Long story short that quickly woke me up this morning. I have removed the link and changed the language in that post. I also want to apologize for not researching more thoroughly. Here is an article from Mother Nature Network, if you want the unfortunate details.

In the process, I discovered this great blog that digs into coffee like it is nobodies business that is chock full of great information. So for those of you looking for much more information on coffee than I provide, allow me to introduce you to Asser Christensen from The Coffee Chronicler. Be ready to learn more than you thought possible. I know I will be.



Thank you to Ronaldo Authur Vidal for allowing me to use your image as my featured image.

Monday Coffee
Photo by Ronaldo Arthur Vidal on Unsplash

That is all for now.



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One Comment

  1. We are so glad that you liked our coffee! I love Gary and wanted to thank him for all his kindness and welcoming me to my new position! I just thought he would enjoy sharing this treat with you especially after seeing the title of your Blog!
    Thank you for your honest feedback: that “WOW” factor is what we aspire for every time we roast a batch! Truth be told, I feel it every morning and drink several cups of black coffee…”until it’s time to drink wine!” Caroline (from France, the land of great wines) and Francisco (from Colombia, the land of great coffee)
    We, the whole Davila family, love our trade as well as our product -freshly roasted specialty coffee – and would welcome a chance to tell you more about how we started roasting in this coastal town almost 30 years ago! It is a truly artisanal product with a lot of TLC from the whole family… a rarity in this age of automation and convenience.
    I will send you a bag of Decaf to combine with the Sexy Seven Espresso. Francisco will give you the whole story of how this particular blend got it’s name, how he selects his beans and lots more when you visit the roastery located on Fox Tail Lane in Mount Pleasant (just off Bowman Road) Caroline

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