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Category: Joie de Vivre

Joie de vivre translated is “the joy of living.”  There is so much that brings joy into my life.

Questions About Shipping, Shock & Heat

Did you check out the last post on Barbacoa? If you skipped it, you missed a bunch more “Memes and Funnies”, so you may want to head back just to give yourself a laugh. In the meantime, let’s get to these questions that readers and friends have recently asked me about wine. Questions about Shipping Wine, Bottle Shock, and Heat Exposure I was recently on a Facetime call with friends in Ohio. We were discussing how much they were loving the Acquiesce Grenache Rosé they were drinking. It is a wine I introduced to them as well as arranged an…

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In My Glass & Some Covid Laughs

Sheltering at home has become monotonous.   It is not that these days are much different than most other days, except for the fact that the choice to go out or not has been made for us. We have even continued our neighborhood happy hours, albeit at a social distance of 6 feet apart.  But it is a mental game that has been playing with my head. My ability to focus is limited by the ongoing distraction. To get out of my head, I need/want two things, laughs, and wine. So this post is some funny memes I have collected on…


In These Times of Covid

In these times of Covid-19, we are day drinking, evening drinking, night drinking, binge-watching, and binge eating. We are supporting our favorite, now empty restaurants with takeout, curbside, and deliveries while we stress eat in between those deliveries. We are stressed about running out of toilet paper even though this is not a gastrointestinal disorder. As we fret, we wonder what people used before the advent of TP, only to be disgusted by the custom of “eat with your right hand, wipe with your left.” We are standing in line to get into Costco and Trader Joe’s. Kudos to both…


Bisquick Saves the Day

If your house is anything like mine, it may feel like the meme below. We are social animals, and this isolation is driving me and Gary nuts. We take turns at being mad at the situation and venting at each other for things that are totally out of our control. But we also use humor to keep the mood light. In one such situation, Bisquick saves the day. Humor Saves the Day Gary is a morning person. I am not.  So the other day, I came downstairs after Gary had already been up for several hours to see this note…

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CHS Wine & Food – Culinary Village 2020

This past weekend marks the end of the 2020 CHS Wine & Food Festival. I am already looking forward to 2021, but before I get there, I want to share my thoughts about this year’s experience. And when I say experience, I mean, at the Culinary Village only, as I do not attend any of the formal tastings, seminars or lunches or dinners*. CHS Wine & Food – Culinary Village – Friday Tickets for the CHS Wine & Food Festival go on sale sometime in August of the previous year. Tickets for any of the most popular events sell out…

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Vail Colorado in September

The majority of visitors heading to the great state of Colorado come in winter for ski season. Two of my sisters are heading there soon, which made me think about our family trip to Vail last September. It should be noted that Gary and I have gone on these family ski trips before, we just do not like the bitter cold and the layers upon layers of clothes it takes to make it warm enough to survive. When I was younger, I used to love skiing. But now I am over cold weather.  The Rocky Mountains, however, are stunning, as…


Ecuadorian Seafood Ceviche

Before we get to the recipe for the Ecuadorian Seafood Ceviche, I wanted to share an image from several weeks ago when I had leftovers of the Hasselback Potatoes. After a quick reheat in the microwave, I fried an egg and some bacon, and this made an incredible brunch meal — definitely a do-over.   Ecuadorian Seafood Ceviche – The Recipe I had this Ecuadorian Seafood Ceviche at a party last summer and was immediately obsessed with how delicious it was. It is fresh, mildly acidic, and full of flavors. Each bite brings something new. I asked if I could…

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Living and Loving Lately

There has been a whole lot of living, loving, and wine-ing lately. Perhaps the featured image gives you a clue as to how I am spending my time. No, they aren’t all ours. Only one has joined our family. She is the big-headed pup on the far left that I am holding.  Her name is Aspen. And she is a handful and a half. But more on her in a bit. Let’s take a look at a couple of restaurant visits, a new line of throw pillows, and some wine we have samples recently. First up: Living A living room…

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