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Bisquick Saves the Day

If your house is anything like mine, it may feel like the meme below. We are social animals, and this isolation is driving me and Gary nuts. We take turns at being mad at the situation and venting at each other for things that are totally out of our control. But we also use humor to keep the mood light. In one such situation, Bisquick saves the day.

Humor Saves the Day

Gary is a morning person. I am not.  So the other day, I came downstairs after Gary had already been up for several hours to see this note on the kitchen counter.Bisquick Saves the Day

And then I see this.

Bisquick Saves the Day

and the Bananas

The implication here is that Gary wanted banana pancakes, and Bisquick will save the bananas from finding their way into the trash if they get too ripe and starchy. So my first question was, should the banana be cooked into the pancakes or as a topping, like a caramelized banana sauce on the pancakes? Gary chose a caramelized topping.

I suck at making pancakes. The pan is either too hot or too cold. I pour the batter too close to the edge of the pan and can not flip them without making a mess. But today, I chose to persevere.

Making the Caramelized Bananas

We had five “suicidal bananas” (Gary thinks that would be an excellent name for a band). I chose to use all of them in hopes that we might have leftovers to top some vanilla ice cream.


Bananas, sliced
Palm Sugar (substitute with Brown Sugar)


There are no measurements needed because it depends on how many bananas you have.  I had five bananas, so I used a stick of unsalted butter. You want enough butter to coat all the bananas and make a caramel sauce. Heat your pan to a medium-high. Hot enough to get the butter melted and bubbly but not too hot, so it burns. Once the butter mostly melted, I added all the bananas, then gave them a quick but gentle toss to coat.bisquick saves the day Next is a generous sprinkle of palm sugar.

Now cook the mixture until a syrupy sauce forms, and the hard edges of the sliced bananas soften. You may need to turn down the temperature of your burner, so get a bubbly simmer.  The darker the syrup, the more intense the flavor. Eyeball it and taste until you are satisfied with taste and thickness. Leave in the skillet but set off to the side while you make your pancakes.bisquick saves the day

Side Note about Palm Sugar

I discovered palm sugar while on vacation in Myanmar several years ago and have kept it in my pantry ever since. It is excellent on yogurt, fresh fruit, especially strawberries, and will sub it for white sugar in many recipes. I love its slightly caramelly flavor, and for me, at least it does not taste as sweet as traditional cane sugar.

I buy it through a fantastic mailorder company called  This company is great, and the quality of their products are beyond reproach. I highly recommend them for all sorts of products. And you can do repeat orders on whatever frequency you need.

Bisquick Saves the Day

All I am going to say here is that the Bisquick’s “The Ultimate Pancake” is the BEST pancake I have ever made and or eaten.

Bisquick Saves the Day
Make THE ULTIMATE PANCAKE. You will not be sorry.
Yep! That looks like pancake batter.
Just look how pretty they are.
Fluffy and beautifully browned
A tab of butter makes the world go round.


And presto chango, Bisquick – The Ultimate Pancakes with a caramelized banana topping. They were so, so good.

And there are leftovers for ice cream later.

Be Safe, Be Well.

That is all for now.


Rick & Gary


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