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Baker & Brewer = EVO without the Drive

EVO Pizzeria

Long before everyone was making brick-oven pizza, EVO Pizzeria was doing it in the Park Circle area of North Charleston. To me, brick-ovens makes the best pizza, so I loved going there whenever I had a craving. While EVO remains one of my favorite spots still today, now there are brick-oven pizzerias all over town. So while EVO reigns supreme in my eyes, I rarely made the drive anymore. So when I heard that EVO Pizzeria was joining forces with Holy City Brewing to open a spacious location in the old DeSano Pizza building downtown, I was out of my mind excited. They call it Baker & Brewer. And since it has been open, I have already been twice.

Baker & Brewer – The First Visit

Baker & BrewerYou can see from the images that they were not real busy when they first opened. This was April 3rd. They had not yet been awarded their liquor license, so it was EVO without alcohol unless you BYOB’ed. This was a lunch visit with my good friend Karen.

As you can see, it is a massive space with tons of outdoor seating.

We started with the Pulled Mozzarella with Butternut Squash Relish. The squash does not add much to the dish, but it was ok.

Baker & Brewer

Karen goes with the classic Margherita Pizza.

Don’t be fooled by the “EER” in the corner of this picture. That was a root beer.

I went with the special pizza of the day. I have no idea what they called it, but it had baby potatoes, roasted red peppers, spinach, fresh mozzarella topped with a sunnyside up egg. This pie was incredible and should be on the menu every Saturday and Sunday for the brunch crowd.

The Second Visit

My second visit was also at lunch. Gary had called, and the cafeteria at the hospital was closed, so he was looking to get away from the long lines around MUSC. We decided on Baker & Brewer because Gary had not yet been. This was a month or so after the first visit, Holy City Brewing had it’s license, so it was all systems go. Unfortunately for us, it was lunch, and we both had important work to get back to so no booze for us. That said, there are up to 20 different Holy City Brews on tap on any given day and an Italian only wine list.

Baker & Brewer

The Trifecta is my “go-to” pie. It is my idea of pizza nirvana. It’s loaded with housemade sausage, pepperoni and SC bacon with red sauce, fresh mozzarella, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Heaven can wait; I need another pie or three.

Gary ordered the Four Cheese Calzone. It may look simple here, but wait until you cut into it.

Baker & Brewer

Baker & Brewer is  at 94 STUART ST., CHARLESTON, SC 29403 843-297-8233


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  1. pizza and 20 beers on tap! Sounds like heaven to me!

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