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Month: August 2021

#WIMG – On the Socials August Edition

#WIMG is a seven-minute read. Ok, folks, We have drunk some unique and delicious wine this month, so it is time to share what we have posted on Instagram for all of you social-media-free folks. And for those who are not hashtag-aware, #wimg means “what’s in my glass.”  #WIMG Aridus Sauvignon Blanc 2019, Cochise County, Arizona I am very, very selective when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc. The flavor grapefruit and grassy profiles are typically not a match for me. I received this bottle from Aridus Wine Co in Willcox, AZ, as a sample, and I was prepared not to enjoy…

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Vintage to Vintage – Why It Matters

Vintage to Vintage is a 3½-minute read. First, let’s make it clear what vintage is.  It is the year that the grapes were grown and crushed to make wine. If there is not a vintage date on your bottle, that means that the winemaker blended grape juice from multiple years together to make that bottling of wine.  This is common practice with Champagne to create a consistent flavor profile from year to year. These wines are called Non-Vintage. This practice is less common with still wine unless you drink some of the low-end, industrially made mass-produced wines. For most folks,…

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Bokisch Vineyards – Spotlight

Bokisch Vineyards has been on my radar for a few years now. So when my friend Allison told me that they were on the agenda to visit last May, I was thrilled. Unfortunately, then it looked like they could not fit us into their schedule (it was Mother’s Day weekend!) before we headed to the second leg of this trip, Sonoma.  At which point Markus and Liz Bokisch (co-owners) invited us to their home Monday morning for a breakfast wine tasting before we head to Sonoma.  A “breakfast wine tasting?” Why not! So sure enough, at 8:30 am, we arrived…

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Wine Enthusiast -> Essential Items

As a wine enthusiast, I can go a tad overboard on my gadgets and specialty items. However, I am always game to try something that claims to enhance my wine-drinking experience. I have tried many items you will never find on the blog, but these… These are essential.  You might use the items in this post as future gift ideas for you or your wine enthusiast but trust that I have used every one of these items. In the post, I will also explain why they are deemed essential to me. Red Wine Enthusiast WHY -> Saves You TIME Wine…