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Month: January 2020

Living and Loving Lately

There has been a whole lot of living, loving, and wine-ing lately. Perhaps the featured image gives you a clue as to how I am spending my time. No, they aren’t all ours. Only one has joined our family. She is the big-headed pup on the far left that I am holding.  Her name is Aspen. And she is a handful and a half. But more on her in a bit. Let’s take a look at a couple of restaurant visits, a new line of throw pillows, and some wine we have samples recently. First up: Living A living room…

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Potato Gratin with Cheese ala Hasselbacken

So, what is with the lengthy title to a potato dish that seems like Potato au Gratin?  Well, that’s because this dish is a whole lot more than just “au gratin.” First, you must know that “gratin” merely is a culinary technique in which an ingredient is topped with either breadcrumbs, cheese, egg, cream, or butter to create a browned crust. In this case, I am using cream and cheese. So what is Hasselbacken?  It is actually a hotel and restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden, where Hasselback Potatoes were first created in the 1950s that they are world-renowned for creating. The…

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Favorite Wines of 2019

Our favorite wines of 2019 offered a few surprises. For me, the biggest surprise was that two of the top four are California Chardonnays. Let me be clear; Gary loves Chardonnay but prefers French. But for me, of all the white wine varietals that I have tasted, Chardonnay is (was) one of my least favorite. Now that does not mean I am an ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) drinker. It’s just that my history with Chardonnay has been fraught with too much oak and, or too much butter. Both Gary and I are thrilled that the trend is moving away from…

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