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Month: June 2017

Cheers to a Very Long Weekend

* Happy 4th of July and Hopefully a Fun-filled Weekend * I usually do not post on the weekend, but with what looks to be a long one for some, I thought you might have a free minute or two. Not to mention, I did miss posting on Friday due to “a dental procedure.”  And yes, being a typical guy, I was fraught with pain and completely incapacitated the rest of the day. I was also clueless about what to do to make it go away.  Having been blessed with a sturdy set of teeth, I am just not used…

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I Failed But It’s OK

I am not a baker. Precisely following a recipe is beyond challenging for me. I am adding just a little more of this or that because in my head it seems like it should work. The operative word here is “seems” because when baking, it usually bites me in the tuchus.  When I was thirteen or fourteen, one year for Christmas I told my mom that I would make all the Christmas cookies and she let me.  The problem was I made up every recipe, and the only one that was edible had a primary ingredient of  Raisin Bran cereal.  Imagine…

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Cidre Johanna Cecillon from Paris Wine Club

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I joined the Paris Wine Club.  The first and only shipment I received so far (next one comes when the summer heat breaks) is the May selection, three cuvées from a Domaine in Brittany, Northern France that makes hard apple cider as if it were wine, Domaine Johanna Cecillon.  Louis and Johanna are from a famed French winemaking family, and because they treat their ciders like wine, the Paris Wine Club saw fit to make these ciders available to their club members. All Cidre Johanna Cecillon is made using different blends of heirloom apples to adjust…

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Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ

* South Carolina BBQ Royalty Settles into Charleston * I have been reading about the Scott Family and their whole hog BBQ pits in Hemmingway for years.  When I learned that Pitmaster Rodney was opening Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ in Charleston, I was ecstatic.  Being a huge BBQ fan, I was thrilled that the legendary pitmaster would be serving it up a mere 15 minutes from home.  While it opened in February, I gave them some time to get their sea legs but the wait was over last Tuesday, and I just have to tell you about the experience. Get Your…

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illy Espresso: My Morning Jolt

* A Shot in the Arm * An important housekeeping note is at the bottom of this post. Yesterday (Saturday) at a rosé wine event in Charleston, I was mildly thrashed because I have not talked much about coffee except for a few mentions when I first started the blog back in January.  Sheepishly, I agreed and said I would work on that.  And then Sunday began, and I really needed my coffee today.  As a matter of fact, I was still drinking coffee (a red-eye, mind you) at 6:00 pm.  So today I want to introduce you to my shot in…

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little BIG thing Part 2 and Bonus Recipe

So what is a little BIG thing again, you may ask? Well, it’s something so small it really should not be worth the real estate on the blog but has changed my life in a way that is huge.  These three things are such little BIG things! * The Chiller Wine Bag * This little BIG thing is so very cool. Pun intended. We first saw The Chiller Wine Bag all over France, and we were immediately taken by its practical function and simple design.  Unlike the popcorn popper above, this is a space saver.  Maybe you can put your…

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Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc: A Love Affair

Before June 2015, I drank red wine.  A few months prior I experienced French rosés and began to drink those as well. But my “go to” wine was still a red; either a Malbec, a Pinot Noir, Syrah or Petite Syrah.  Then there was that monumental trip to wine country in Southern France. Forgive me for bringing it up again, but it was in Chateauneuf-du-Pape that I learned that I enjoy white wine.  Yes, as that story goes, the kind woman pouring samples at Famille Quiot started pouring white wine into my tasting glass, I stopped her and announced that I did…

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Sandwich: A Hen, Goat, Lobster and a Bear

Think of today’s post as a mashup. Only this is a mashup of two different lunch experiences.  And no I did not eat a hen, a goat or a bear; although I have eaten hens and goats in the past, never a bear. Hen and The Goat You are heading to Folly Beach, and you forgot to eat lunch, what do you do? Or you are in the mood for a killer sandwich, the likes of which Charleston has not seen before, what do you do? The answer to both of those questions is to head down Folly Road just before Camp…

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