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Month: March 2017

French Wine… Why can’t I find a “merlot”?

French versus American wine bottle labeling Today I thought I would share some information about wine labels.  Specifically the differences for French wine versus American wine (and most other regions).  I know many people who shy away from French wines because they are unfamiliar and when they search for something recognizable they strike out.  To fix that the first obstacle is understanding the labels on the bottle.  So let’s break this down first before we go any deeper. The American Label In the US the winery name is usually the most prominent on the label.  Then the grape varietal used…

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Pet Peeves and other Annoyances

Sorry, I lured you in with an adorable picture of Breezy… this is not about pets.  I have nothing thoughtful to say today. I am in agony.  My hayfever/allergies have really knocked the crap out of me.   The trees and plants are happy as all get out making us mortals absolutely miserable.  When I am miserable I want to whine, and can’t really drink wine because I can’t taste it.  So here I shall whine… with some of my pet peeves. WTF…. Pet Peeves Single ply toilet paper Really? I mean REALLY?  What kind of tight wad are you?  It’s rough…

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Belgian Waffles come to James Island & A Little Waffle History

Sweet Belgium: A Waffle Experience   WAFFLES!!!!! I love waffles.  It is a guilty pleasure.  So, as I drive down Folly Road I would see a small sandwich board sign: Belgian Waffles and Coffee  – Turn now.  But I would always be driving too fast and the idea of turning around seemed silly.  But seeing this sign every time I drove by (which is all the time), I would crave these delectable treats that I had many years ago while in Brussels.    I craved them so badly that when I saw an imported package of 12 for sale at Costco…

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Craving Noodle Kugel

Spring has sprung which means Passover is coming which then means I crave Noodle Kugel.  Yes, I know Noodle Kugel is not part of the Passover celebration but this is when I think of it. Some of my Jewish friends took liberties with dessert served after the Passover meal, what can I say.  Fast forward to now….I love Kugle and think about it every Spring.  I have tried a couple recipes over the years with little success because they just did not taste like that which I had eaten.  That is until I found this recipe from  I made it…


I am Grateful and it Makes Me Stronger

Gratitude For my first post on Thoughtful Thursday I chose to share that for which I am most grateful.  Gratitude is certainly easy to lose sight of but acknowledging the people and things that make my life complete is so important to me on a daily basis.  It reminds me of how loved, how fortunate and how lucky I have been throughout my life.  If you have not thought about what you are grateful for, maybe today is a good time to sit for a minute and jot a few gratitudes down.  Then stick that list in your wallet or purse so…

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Let’s Revisit a Couple Things While I Enjoy a Red Blend

Revisit a thing or two Before I move to single subject posts, I want to revisit some of my past posts to tie up some loose ends.  My day job as a wedding photographer is picking up steam, so I need to start with these changes sooner rather than later so I can stay on top of both jobs. The Reunion Post Overwhelmed Wow!  The response to my post regarding my teenage bullying and reunion experience was overwhelming.  There were comments left on the blog, I got phone calls, emails, and Facebook comments. Everyone was incredibly supportive and very kind.  Many former…

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Housekeeping, Don’t Make Your Bed, and My Fave Rioja

A Little Blog Housekeeping –  I have gotten feedback from bloggers and several readers that my posts are too long and the subject matter is “all over the place”.  OUCH!, but hey, I can handle criticism when the intent is for me to improve.  Separately, I was also struggling with promoting my individual stories within a multi-subject post.  That caused some brainstorming and now I have a solution that will resolve both issues and give you the experience that you want.  Consider it just a bit of blog housekeeping. Change is a Good Thing First, starting in April, I am…


Coffee! Bolognese! Krispy Kreme ! Oh My!

This is our ninth week.  I love sharing with you all and hope that you are enjoying Strong Coffee to Red Wine.  I would love any feedback you have to make this blog a “go to” spot each week. Intense, Rich, Dark, Black Hot Coffee   Coffee gets me out of bed in the morning.  It keeps me going all day. I am not sure what the world would be like without this beverage.  I am generally a pot a day kinda guy.  Sometimes I need more but rarely any less. There are days I feel exactly like the towel…