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Unconditional Moof


Yesterday, my family had to say goodbye to our girl Mikili aka Moof, The cancer we learned about three months ago finally took its toll. The last few days we saw dramatic declines in her physical strength. She would not give up on us, so we had to let her go. My sister was her actual owner, but in my family, that title means that you are responsible for buying the food and paying the vet bills, but her care is shared by us all.  In Mikili’s life that was especially true for me. You see I picked her out of the litter and convinced my sister that she was the one. (she had the largest head). The moment I met her, I was in love.

If a dog and a human can share a personality… we did. Neither of us like mornings, we exercise because we must not because we want.  Moof was incredibly playful, dedicated, and sweet. I have heard folks similarly refer to me and for that I thank them. She was a BIG dog. And well, let’s just say, I am no petite flower!  If ever, I had a spirit animal she was it.

Yesterday, was horrible but ultimately peaceful. Geeze, I miss her!

In her Honor

Eight years ago when Moof was a mere one-year-old, my sister’s work took her overseas for a month. Gary and I kept Moof for the duration and sent an email to my sister every day with an update on her puppy.  Mikili was going through some digestive issues due to a protein allergy. So these emails shared everything from eating habits to bowel movements and cutesy behaviors to hilariousness. I want to remember all those fun times so over the next couple of months I have decided to share one of the daily entries each day that I post.  I will then compile onto its own page for those that choose to read several entries at a time.

(Please note I am known to use “colorful language” and mention dog excrement in many posts. Continue at your own risk.)

Here is the first entry.

The Moof Diaries


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let’s discuss sleeping with the Moof.   I could just hear her when she walked into our room…… “MMMMOOOooooooommmmmmm!  Their room is only as big as your walk-in closet… How am I supposed to sleep in here with these two big guys?  There is clearly not enough room for all of us!”

And so it went…  She wanted on the bed, but given the size of our room, she can not find an airstrip long enough to get a running start to leap like Wonderdog onto the bed.  And let’s not mention that the chest at the foot of the bed scares her.  So she placed her front paws and three-fourths of her body on the bed and whimpers….. and whimpers, until… Guess who got out of bed and lifted her onto the bed?  ME!

“Moooooommmm! – What the f#@k., she says, this BED is a postage stamp!  You have got to be kidding me!”   So up and down she goes with a spin and stretch…. Yes…stretch with rear paws at the foot of the bed and front paws on my pillow!  Nope too hot… up and down and up and down…. And then the whimpering started again.  She wanted down.  And just how would she do this.  If she jumps to the right she will tumble into the tv; if she jumps to the left she will hit the dresser or the wall…. God forbid, she can’t jump off the foot of the bed because of the dreaded chest that scares her.  So what to do? Stand over Gary and whimper!  So I get out of bed and help her down to the floor.  Aaahhhhhhh, we can sleep now!

And we did… she stayed on the floor the rest of the night. At least I think so, as I slept like a dog; I mean log after all that!



Rest in Peace Girl.  I love you!





  1. Oh I am so sorry! Dogs are really a part of us! I miss my Draco (our label) every single day. It is such a horrible thing to have to go through. They say, “you are doing it for them.” I get it– but it sucks!

  2. Our condolences, Rick. It is never easy losing a member of the family. Peace to you and your family.

    • Thanks. She was very special.

  3. Luci Secord

    Beautiful Rick. So sad. The world won’t be the same.

    • At least not our world as she filled it with so much joy

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