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Curiosity? How I Satiate Need for Knowledge

I never understood why they say curiosity killed the cat.  It seems that curiosity may have killed one cat but taught many others what not to do.  I hope this is true for humans. I am an incredibly curious person.  Along with that, for some reason, I seem to retain the oddest bits of information.  When cable tv first landed in people’s homes back in the 1970s and Discovery Channel was more of a nature channel, I was enthralled.  I watched it non-stop.  The programs were more educational back then, versus today’s more sensationalized entertainment.  I could not get enough. And it paid off…

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So Much to Do, So Little Time

This has been a tough week for me as a blogger.  I had a lot of work to do with my other jobs (wedding and portrait photography and dog sitter) so there was little time left to research and write. Additionally, the editorial calendar I created to help me made it impossible to fill the day’s posts as intended.  Yep, I did not taste any new wines in the past week which means that Wine Wednesday was a bust and while I have 10 posts started for Thoughtful Thursday none of the posts are completely flushed out so they are not…

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Work Life Balance and A Glass of Wine

The Weekly Pour Work Life Balance On Sunday, I was very conflicted as Gary and I were invited to a work associate/friend’s house for the afternoon and early dinner.  Conflicted because I felt guilty for not staying home and working.  Work life balance is a big issue for me since I work from home.  I work every day usually all day.  When I am on a deadline I can work until 10:00pm or later.  I love what I do so it does not “feel” like work, but it is work all the same.  One of the things that I do to…

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