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Fall Roundup – New Kids, New Grapes

Time flies way too fast. As I look back at the various new wines I have tried, I can see empty bottles with handwritten notes overtook my desk and found their way onto the bookshelf. That’s not good. But what that means is that means it is time for the Fall Wine Roundup. A roundup means the comments will be short and to the point and end with a LOVE, LIKE, NMS (not my style), or GLove (Gary loves it, but it’s NMS) I am breaking this roundup into a couple different posts.  This is Roundup #1 which includes two…

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Wine Roundup – Part 2 at Summer’s End

Before I get to the last six wines in the rosé portion of the wine roundup, I wanted to let you all know that Tuesday was a beautiful day in Charleston. The flood waters subsided for the most part, and while some folks have significant and costly clean up ahead, the city is back in business. There was so much water. It is hard to believe that it is already washed back out to sea. We feel so lucky that we did not lose any more trees. We lost four large oak trees last year which made us so sad.…