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Side Notes for a Friday

Side Notes: New Coffee Brewer For quite a while when we would brew a pot of coffee there would be a small, insignificant puddle of water under the brewer. Totally not a big deal until the insignificant became real and the puddle became a lake. We had to say goodbye to our Cuisinart 10 Cup Extreme Brew Coffee Maker that we had for at least 8 years. It has so many features that I love: Bold Brew setting Replaceable Water Filter Thermal Carafe Easy to clean Stainless Steel Programmable The two most important features are the Thermal Carafe and Bold Brew setting as I like my…

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Social Media, Grandma & Homemade Mexican Beans

I have apparently turned into my grandmother. Social media once again has reconnected me with my past. By request, I am posting my Mexican Black Beans recipe.  And our stainless steel straws are awesome! So let’s begin. I am my Grandma When I was a kid and visiting my grandparents home, I can vividly recall my grandma washing and re-using plastic bags and aluminum foil. I used to giggle because I thought that defeated the purpose of one-time-use products. In my grandma’s case, it was because she was a child of The Great Depression. It was a habit as they needed to do…

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Raindrops on Roses: Favorite Thing or Two

Whenever I think about a favorite thing post, I always start singing the song from the Sound of Music. I am sure I have seen that movie a hundred times, and it never gets old. After posting my wine box shelves, I had a request to show the rest of the wall. So here it is.  As I said, Gary and I collect. Eclectically, yes… but it is still a collection. We also love bright colors that “pop”! So these are the two walls of our kitchen. Favorite Thing or Two Favorite Thing: Dark Roast DeCaf Coffee Beans Good decaf coffee is…

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