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Joie de Vie and Worth a Binge

Strong Coffee to Red Wine has focused on wine and food now for two years. Recently, I added travel as a pillar of focus.  And today I announce the fourth pillar, Joie de Vie. That means “joy of life” in French, but it is also part of the English vernacular as well. This Joie de Vie is the culmination of everyone and thing in my life. It is my glass half full mindset. And the humor with which I cope with life. It is what I do to relax, inspire, and learn. It is also the poignant moments in my…

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Best Laid Plan * Irma * Binge *

Earlier last week when Irma had not chosen her course there was uncertainty abound and lots of folks making decisions before having all the information. While I am not a Lowcountry native, the last 13 years have taught me a great deal about tropical storms and hurricanes.  For us, since we do not have kids and we are not sickly or elderly, we have options based on storm severity. For others, they got out of dodge before the storm turned north making Charleston a ghost town for the weekend. One of the things that we learned last year with Hurricane Matthew is…