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RIP: Meiomi Pinot Noir (That We Once Knew)

It Happened Before: Folie à Deux’s Menage à Trois I used to drink Menage à Trois in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.  Back then it was a red blend only. Yes, it was a superstore wine, but it was from a small Northern California winery that put out a drinkable red to which folks at the time gravitated.  Because of popularity, it then started arriving in stores like World Market.  And now it is everywhere except at independent wine merchants. I am not proud, that is what my palate liked. It was simple and jammy with low tannins and acid…


Let’s Revisit a Couple Things While I Enjoy a Red Blend

Revisit a thing or two Before I move to single subject posts, I want to revisit some of my past posts to tie up some loose ends.  My day job as a wedding photographer is picking up steam, so I need to start with these changes sooner rather than later so I can stay on top of both jobs. The Reunion Post Overwhelmed Wow!  The response to my post regarding my teenage bullying and reunion experience was overwhelming.  There were comments left on the blog, I got phone calls, emails, and Facebook comments. Everyone was incredibly supportive and very kind.  Many former…

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