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illy Espresso: My Morning Jolt

* A Shot in the Arm * An important housekeeping note is at the bottom of this post. Yesterday (Saturday) at a rosé wine event in Charleston, I was mildly thrashed because I have not talked much about coffee except for a few mentions when I first started the blog back in January.  Sheepishly, I agreed and said I would work on that.  And then Sunday began, and I really needed my coffee today.  As a matter of fact, I was still drinking coffee (a red-eye, mind you) at 6:00 pm.  So today I want to introduce you to my shot in…

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Housekeeping, Don’t Make Your Bed, and My Fave Rioja

A Little Blog Housekeeping –  I have gotten feedback from bloggers and several readers that my posts are too long and the subject matter is “all over the place”.  OUCH!, but hey, I can handle criticism when the intent is for me to improve.  Separately, I was also struggling with promoting my individual stories within a multi-subject post.  That caused some brainstorming and now I have a solution that will resolve both issues and give you the experience that you want.  Consider it just a bit of blog housekeeping. Change is a Good Thing First, starting in April, I am…