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Green Beans with Corn, Avocado, and Mint

We were having dinner last Saturday at my sister’s house. A family friend was in town, and so we were all gathering. Since it is at my sister’s house, she drives the menu. And to say, she has some favorite items that she likes to make, is an understatement. While the sauce, gravy or rub may change it is always pork tenderloin, and the vegetable is also always roasted green beans. It got so frequent that I presented her with a picture of a pig showing all the various cuts of meat and about ten recipes for green beans. Ah, Choices! …


Ceviche! With Shrimp and Scallops

It is about this time every year that I start to crave ceviche. Vegetables are local and fresh, and the shrimp is also from just down the road. Lime is the perfect acid to “cook” the seafood. It is bright, clean and oh so delicious. And let’s not forget, you do not need to turn on the stove other than to boil the shrimp for a few minutes so the kitchen stays cool. Now speaking of fresh. Gary and I are growing one tomato plant, and our first tomato is in the ceviche. Unfortunately, our second tomato was bitten and only…


A Messy Relationship

Save the Shirt, You Cheapskate! Food and I have a messy relationship, especially sauces and oils.  I love them and they love to drip and splatter on my shirts.  When I am cooking or when I am eating it does not matter. Making salad dressing, boom! Olive Oil on pasta, boom, Melting Butter, boom! Gravy, boom!   Seems like if it is a fat, it will end up on my shirt and leave a messy stain.  So I was thrilled to read on Facebook that artificial sweeteners will lift oil stains from clothing.  The claim is that because the sweetener is a…

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