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Tag: Gruyere cheese

Crispy, Crunchy, Easy, …, Swiss Fondue Bites

If you have been following me for very long you have quickly learned that I love cheese and bread. I can never get enough of either. And they both are perfect with wine. While I do not eat it often the epitome of this pair is fondue. But I never eat fondue because it is a big pain in the butt and can be very messy. Decades ago at a party, had an appetizer that was a baked cheddar bread bite that was amazing and I have never forgotten it. I never was able to find a recipe so it…


Biscuit Bites: Pizza or Gruyere – Caramelized Onion

Last Sunday, we got together for Happy Hour with our fave neighbors Michelle and Natalie. Michelle hosted at her house which was perfect because both families of kids could all play together in another room and toys were aplenty to keep them occupied. I volunteered an appetizer to help out. I have been daydreaming about making a gruyere and caramelized onion tart, but I was too exhausted from Saturday’s wedding to deal with and make a crust so I decided that Bisquick biscuit bites would be the way to go. For some reason using Bisquick for a drop biscuit is acceptable in my brain…


Bell Peppers Stuffed with Cheese & Tomato

This is a recipe I made up ages ago.  It can be part of an antipasto platter, as a stand alone appetizer or as part of a salad course if you add some salad greens dressed with olive oil and salt. It is served at slightly warm to room temperature, so you need to prepare this ahead of when you wish to eat. I figure a half pepper per guest no matter the way you choose to serve it.  I buy bell peppers of different colors because it makes for a prettier presentation, but you can go with a single color if you wish,…