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Lemon Curd from Natalie’s Lemon Tree

My neighbor, Natalie of Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers, has two lemon trees in her yard that are prolific producers of huge, juicy fruit. We have two lemon trees that produce nothing but thorns. Thankfully, Nat is very generous with her bounty and tells us to take what we want. A friend of mine who is a food photographer and stylist had just made lemon curd, and it was fantastic. So I asked for the recipe. Fresh lemons right off the tree would make fantastic curd. Here we go! I have made it twice. It is really delicious. And yes, I…


Pork Loin Chops Thai-style & More

I was shopping last Friday at Costco as I do at least twice each month and I came across these beautiful pork loin chops. It was a pack of six, and each chop was two inches thick. They were calling me, and I knew just what to do with them. Our neighbor Natalie and her kids just got back from a week long vacation, and we really missed them, so we invited them for happy hour and dinner on Sunday.  Her parents are also in town, and so I said to bring them along we have plenty of food. So the gang came over, and…

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Milestone and Marriage

Milestone Yesterday was a big day for me.  In the last 30 days, I had over 4,000 page views in the USA from 49 of 50 states.  These views came from 2500-ish unique visitors.  Not to mention an additional 153 page views from 32 countries around the world. (Yes, I imagine that some of those are spammers hoping to break into my site, but still!) This milestone is huge for me, and I have to thank my neighbor and fashion blogger Natalie.  She made a mention of my blog and subsequently re-posted two of my recipes on her blog, Designer Bags, and Dirty Diapers and…