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Tag: Beaujolais

Wine for the Weekend

I know it seems silly to say it’s a wine weekend when every weekend includes wine at some point. But hey, it’s Friday, and I have had a rough couple of weeks so just go with it. The wines I am talking about today are incredible treats. I know I say that all the time but that is one of the great things about wine. There is a surprise waiting for you inside every bottle. And that is what makes wine so exciting and unlike any other beverage. Just when you find a special treat, it is gone, and the search…

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Wine Tasting & August Social Recap

Wow, I needed this wine tasting. Too many crises and juggling way too much. It could not have come a day too soon. Since I last posted a lot continues to happen to limit my ability to post every day.  Yes, my crashed computer was misdiagnosed and then “fixed” but not really. Then three days later, fixed again only this time for real. But now that first fix is causing problems because it conflicts with much of my image editing software. I can either spend seven hundred to a thousand dollars to update software.  Or I can get it back to…

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Two Amazing Wines: Out of the Park!

It was on Friday evening at “happy hour” when Gary, Eve and I drank the wines I am sharing with you today.  First, a bit about my friend Eve. We have worked together for years in the wedding business and became fast friends. Known for its high-stress situations and perhaps a Bridezilla as well, weddings have a way of bringing vendors together, as we bond over the craziness of that day. She and I have been on opposite schedules for months, so we needed some private time to do some serious catching up. So on this night, we talked and we…