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Recharge and Refresh on The Cape – Part 1


We all need time to recharge and refresh our batteries. As one who works for myself and out of my home, work is always just a few steps away screaming, “your clients are waiting” or “your readers are waiting.” It is a constant that is hard to ignore. Thus I usually end up working every day at least a little bit, and that is ok. I love what I do so work only feels like work when I am behind schedule.

Did You Miss Me?

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since my last post. Today, it feels like work, because I just got home from our annual vacation to Provincetown, MA (at the tip of Cape Cod). I thought I might post a couple of times as the days went on or when it rained, but that did not happen. On our one day of rain, I took a nap; a very long nap that ran through happy hour. I never miss Happy Hour. I guess that is what vacation is all about.

We take the Fast Ferry by Bay State Cruises directly from Boston. Ninety minutes. $89 bucks

This is our eighth year coming to Ptown (as it is affectionately known). It never gets old. And it seems to be the only place that I genuinely recharge and refresh. Each year we stay at the same place, The Somerset House Inn. It is our home away from home. We used to come over Labor Day weekend but last year switched to Carnival week.  Carnival, like Mardi Gras, is a super fun celebration with lots of costumes, a parade, parties, and great shows. Last year, we made many new friends, so it was super fun to reconnect with them and make some new friends as well. recharge

Recharge with Wine

One of the first things we had to take care of was to make sure we had plenty of rosé on hand to start the week. When I first started blogging, I used to ship wine in every year because I wanted to review wines that were in my queue to sample.  That did not turn out so well, so we decided to buy local this year. Boy, was that a great idea.

As it turns out, the summer season ends in a few weeks so the local wine store, Glass Half Full put all wine on sale with a 20% discount to help lower their inventory.  They always offer a 20% discount when you buy a case which we do, so that made for a 40% savings.  The final savings is that Massachusetts does not charge sales tax on packaged foods and beverages and that includes alcohol. Score!

So what did that look like for us? We bought our favorite rosé, Moulin de Gassac Rosé normally $11.99 for only $7.90. What a deal! When we arrived at the Inn, it was delivered and brought to our room. Two bottles already chilled and the remaining went into the fridge for later.  That certainly recharged our bank account!

Refresh with a Sunset Sail

Through a friend of a friend, we were invited to go on a two-hour sunset cruise on the Schooner Bay Lady II. Although we thought it was a private charter, it was not, but we had a great time nonetheless. You can bring your own food and beverages to enjoy as you watch the sunset. Sunset and wine…. not much better than that. Pictures, in this case, are so much better than words, so I will let them do all the talking.recharge






Recharge the Mind

During the day the goal is to sit on the porch and read. This year for me it was just a goal as I had so many activities and meet-ups with friends that I never even picked up any of the three books I brought to read. Gary, on the other hand, found time to continue reading one of his books about the disco era but also start, Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life by Dr. Justin Lehmiller. 


How did this book get on his radar? We met Justin and his husband here in Provincetown last year. We were (and are) all guests at the Somerset. Justin is a doctor of social psychology and one of the country’s leading experts on human sexuality. He is a former educator at both Harvard and Ball State University and is currently a Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. We have had many a fascinating conversation about his research and the book he was still writing last year. Gary could not wait to read it.

Side Note:

This is not a textbook but a book for the masses. From Amazon…

…offers an unprecedented look at sexual fantasy based on the most comprehensive, scientific survey ever undertaken. 

What do Americans really want when it comes to sex? And is it possible for us to get what we want? Justin J. Lehmiller, …has made it his career’s ambition to answer these questions. He recently concluded the largest and most comprehensive scientific survey of Americans’ sexual fantasies ever undertaken, a monumental two-year study involving more than 4,000 Americans from all walks of life, answering questions of unusual scope.

Based on this study, Tell Me What You Want offers an unprecedented look into our fantasy worlds and what they reveal about us. It helps readers to better understand their own sexual desires and how to attain them within their relationships, but also to appreciate why the desires of their partners may be so incredibly different…

Recharge with a Walk

One of the reasons I love walking around on the Cape is the beautiful gardens and homes. Weathered cedar planks are the most common form of siding in this area. It does not go on this weathered grey. But it does not take long to turn with the harsh, salty air. This is just a spit of land that runs out into the Atlantic. Houses are stacked one in front of the other, and many are just tiny one bedroom cottages.

Winter lasts a long time up here. So in summer, residents fill their yards with flowers and beautiful plants. I so envy these garden paradises.

Again, pictures are worth a thousand words, so here you are…








I am already looking forward to my next visit so that I can recharge one more time in my home away from home.

Last years posts from Provincetown start here.

That is all for now.







  1. Wow! How absolutely gorgeous. I remember y’all going on the trip last year, but I think these pictures are even more beautiful! I’m definitely interested in that book, now, too…

  2. sounds like you had a fantastic week. I love that you go to the same place every year. Mike and I typically go to Cancun for Spring Break every year (last year, thanks to winning the blog awards, we spent it in Paris!) and it is our only “relaxing” vacation. We do nothing but chill and drink!

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