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Provincetown in 3-2-1…


Wedding images are posted. Bills are paid. Friends are staying at the house taking care of the fish. So let it be said, I am on vacation. And boy, do I need it bad this year. I am leaving all the computer issues behind me, my sister’s kidney stones are a thing of the past, and the puppies are in good hands. So off to Provincetown, we go. This trip makes our seventh year. It is where we got married in 2013 (our 25th year together). It is one of my favorite places in the world. And one of the few places where I can truly do nothing but relax.


To be a guest of the town, it is important that you are comfortable in your skin and are equally comfortable around gay men and women as this is a destination for gay travelers.  For sure, straight folks and families come here as well. Heck, the Pilgrims even stopped here before heading to Plymouth.  Lots of languages are heard on the street as many Europeans also visit. Day trippers from other locales on Cape Cod will come here to do a whale watching excursion. Humpback whales have a feeding ground nearby, so the sightings are plentiful. One year I had a baby whale stick its head out of the water right where I was standing in the boat. It was unbelievable.

Stars from stage and screen like Kristin Chenoweth, Audra McDonald, Billy Porter, Megan Mullally, and Patti Lupone come here to perform in the local theaters.  You may also see a RuPaul’s Drag Race winner perform like Bianca Del Rio (see below) or Jinx Monsoon. There is always a walk up and down Commercial St., but on most days we sit on the porch of the B&B, and just people watch while drinking wine.


The Provincetown Lineup

And speaking of wine, the lineup we will be trying out while vaca’ing include two Austrian and four French rosés, a sparkling German rosé, and a Pinot Noir. I also have a California Pinot Noir and a French white Corbière.  All of these wines are new for us, and I am really looking forward to tasting them all.

The six rosés in the lineup.

So stay tuned this week as I post “on location”.

It is time to recharge my batteries, drink some wine, eat lobster rolls, and hang out with friends we made over the years.





  1. Linda Thompson

    It was so great to meet you both at Pepe’s, my daughter and I share your passion for this remarkable place! Look forward to reading your blog and perhaps our paths will cross again next year!

  2. carol

    You mean *lobstah roll*…..right?

    • Already had one and only been on land for 2 hours

  3. Carrie Popkins

    Sounds wonderful! Enjoy your trip.

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