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Raindrops on Roses: Favorite Thing or Two


Whenever I think about a favorite thing post, I always start singing the song from the Sound of Music. I am sure I have seen that movie a hundred times, and it never gets old.

After posting my wine box shelves, I had a request to show the rest of the wall. So here it is.  As I said, Gary and I collect. Eclectically, yes… but it is still a collection. We also love bright colors that “pop”! So these are the two walls of our kitchen.

favorite thing

favorite thing

Favorite Thing or Two

Favorite Thing: Dark Roast DeCaf Coffee Beans

Good decaf coffee is so hard to find at a reasonable price. I stumbled upon when looking for palm sugar and found that these folks carry everything. I do auto ship once every four months so that I can get free shipping. I usually get five pounds of the different dark roast coffees as we like to change it up.  We then blend it with our Rwandan Roast we get at Costco (half-caff is better than no caff at all). It sells for $10.99 for regular and $11.99 for decaf for most of the roasts. I am a big fan of the Copenhagen Roast and the Spanish Roast.  They have premium beans too, but those are mo’ money!

favorite thing

Favorite Thing: Wine Glass Charmers

They are called Drink Buddies, but I call them Charmers. When I came across these guys, I about fell outa my chair. I bought some for me and for neighbor Natalie (whose mother confiscated to use at her lady gatherings). Certainly, a conversation starter at any gathering. The cowboys in buttless chaps are another way to go but perhaps not when small kids are around cause they have lots of questions.

favorite thing favorite thing favorite thingfavorite thing

Favorite Thing: Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor, with Bowl Scraper 


Recently my food processor that I had for close to 20 years died. It was a very sad day. That burning motor smell was the first thing to happen, and then the blade would not move any longer. I went to Consumer Reports, and they only reviewed processors that cost close from $125 to $200 dollars. And on top of that, the reviews sucked. If I were to pay that much, it better be a miracle worker.

So instead I went to trusted source Amazon and found the Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor, with Bowl Scraper. I read the reviews and for $37.00 got a machine that I love.  At first, the scraper bothered me, but now I use it all the time. And at $37 if it stops working in a year or two, I am ok.

favorite thing

Favorite Thing: Set of 8 Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

These Stainless Steel Straws are on its way to me now. When you live near the ocean, and you see plastic straws cast about you just know that some will end up in the water. Besides taking 400 years to decay, they kill fish, sea turtles and other sea life all the time. So these stainless steel straws have brushes to keep them clean and can go in your dishwasher. There was a campaign this year in Charleston to get rid of plastic straws in all bars and restaurants. Many jumped on board, but you still see them used.  I am doing my part to change that. Some of these straws will go in my car, and some will stay at home.





And this last thing is my current favorite saying. It is a thing, but it is more what it says.

favorite thing


That is all for now.




Thank you to Tj Holowaychuk for permission to use your image via Unsplash.


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