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Corrales Casserole from Pineapple House Rules…


Gary needed a “Mexican” dish for a potluck lunch at work today. I have been waiting for the right opportunity to make this rice dish – Corrales Casserole – that looked incredible when I read it on “Pineapple House Rules,” a mom-blog that I peruse.  Yes, I know, I am not a mom. And babies are only cute as long as I can give them back to the parents when I am done with them. But Lilly makes some really good looking food, so I follow her to see what she is eating.

Then there is my first winter cold of the season. Uggh! I had this little cough for the previous three days. It seemed like a tickle in my throat, so I was not concerned.  Yesterday that tickle turned into a much lower voice, a massive headache, runny eyes, etc. Today, I am sneezing like no tomorrow. I still have a massive headache, and I am now officially a mouth breather. No, I cannot be sick. It is too busy. I am telling you this because this will be a very short post.  I need to get horizontal and take some Nyquil. So here you go.

This recipe of Lilly’s is a family recipe and is a side dish to go with a Mexican or Tex-Mex dinner. Lilly lives in Texas where I have to assume that everyone has a huge file of Tex-Mex recipes. This was my first time making it, and it totally rocks and was a huge hit at the potluck today.

Corrales Casserole

Corrales Casserole

Lilly and I are doing a little cross promotion.  I am posting this casserole but getting the recipe; you will need to go to her blog.  Later she is doing a post and will link to my blog for her readers to check SC2RW out.

I followed her recipe as best as I could, but I did have to wing it at the store. I suck at making rice. It is just the way it is.  I also always keep Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice in my pantry.  So I pulled out six bags of this precooked rice (three white and three whole grain brown – because that is what I had) to use in this recipe.  It worked really well because it does not stick together.

Because the bags were each slightly over a cup, I fudged the quantities of all other ingredients. So follow Lilly’s recipe. It will be flawless. Oh, one more thing. I could not find 8 oz cans of green chilies. So I bought 4-4 oz cans – 2 – mild and 2- medium as I did not want it too spicy for a potluck. Oh, and I use a whole lot more cheese on the top!

Onions and Chilies once cooked
Mixed Uncle Ben’s Brown and White Rice
Casserole all mixed before baking
Corrales Casserole
Delicious Corrales Casserole


Download Recipe on BD&D Walk into a Bar

That is all for today… and good night!


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  1. Donna Gallahorn

    Rick, this Rice casserole was truly amazing- enjoyed by all the Sickle Cell medical/nursing “family”. Thank- You! Donna G.

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