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When Coffee Tastes Nasty

A couple of weeks ago, when I came downstairs for my morning coffee, there was a note that Gary left for me.  All it said was, “The coffee tastes nasty!” It was a good thing that I was standing right by the sink because it immediately came back out of my mouth.  So I ran to my computer and searched, “why does coffee taste bitter.” It was clear that everyone knew something to which I never really paid much attention, cleaning my drip coffee maker. Conventional wisdom said to use equal parts water and distilled vinegar, fill the reservoir and…


Monday Coffee * New Brand & a Mea Culpa

Monday, Monday, bah, dah, bah, da da da… So did you sing along as you read? The second portion of that lyric is the depth of my vocabulary until about 2:30 pm each and every Monday. It is not that my Sundays are all that wild. I merely have a mental block regarding Mondays. Perhaps if I was a “morning person” instead of a “night owl.” it might be different, but I will never know. Coffee Roasters of Charleston About a week ago, Gary came home from work and said, “Hey, a co-worker’s husband roasts coffee, and she wants to know…

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Side Notes for a Friday

Side Notes: New Coffee Brewer For quite a while when we would brew a pot of coffee there would be a small, insignificant puddle of water under the brewer. Totally not a big deal until the insignificant became real and the puddle became a lake. We had to say goodbye to our Cuisinart 10 Cup Extreme Brew Coffee Maker that we had for at least 8 years. It has so many features that I love: Bold Brew setting Replaceable Water Filter Thermal Carafe Easy to clean Stainless Steel Programmable The two most important features are the Thermal Carafe and Bold Brew setting as I like my…

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Coffee 101: Origins and the Magic Bean

ATTENTION: If you downloaded the Chicken Tikka Masala from yesterday, please download again and do not use the original pdf. You can download here or on the Tikka Masala Page. Now back to our regularly scheduled program…. Assuming that the coffee you drink does not come from a can with a name like Maxwell House or Folgers or in a jar with a name like Sanka or Taster’s Choice then this primer may be of interest to you. Now I am not judging you for drinking those or similar coffees (ok, yes I am. I am judging you! You would be judging…

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Coffee: Important – But My Other

It’s 9:00 am – Is it Happy Hour Yet? I have to say that today totally sucked. To understand why it sucked so bad let me give you some background. Since we have lived in this house, we have had to redo our kitchen ceiling three times within a three year period due to water damage from the bathroom above on the second floor. Every time it is a different reason, the commode leaked, a pipe under the sink leaked, the bathtub leaked. We would fix the issue and then wait several weeks before repairing the ceiling to make sure it…

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illy Espresso: My Morning Jolt

* A Shot in the Arm * An important housekeeping note is at the bottom of this post. Yesterday (Saturday) at a rosé wine event in Charleston, I was mildly thrashed because I have not talked much about coffee except for a few mentions when I first started the blog back in January.  Sheepishly, I agreed and said I would work on that.  And then Sunday began, and I really needed my coffee today.  As a matter of fact, I was still drinking coffee (a red-eye, mind you) at 6:00 pm.  So today I want to introduce you to my shot in…

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Coffee! Bolognese! Krispy Kreme ! Oh My!

This is our ninth week.  I love sharing with you all and hope that you are enjoying Strong Coffee to Red Wine.  I would love any feedback you have to make this blog a “go to” spot each week. Intense, Rich, Dark, Black Hot Coffee   Coffee gets me out of bed in the morning.  It keeps me going all day. I am not sure what the world would be like without this beverage.  I am generally a pot a day kinda guy.  Sometimes I need more but rarely any less. There are days I feel exactly like the towel…


Welcome to Strong Coffee to Red Wine

Welcome one and all.  What is Strong Coffee to Red Wine?  Simply put we are a lifestyle blog designed to share my self-employed, home most of the week life through stories, tasty affordable wines and wine stuff, food finds and recipes that are worth sharing, and a little bit of my fine art photographs.  I will also feature what I call…. “The little big things”   something so small it really should not be worth the real estate on the blog but has changed my life in a way that is huge. So why name it STRONG COFFEE TO RED…

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