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And I am…. About the blogger

the bloggerThis lifestyle blogger was born and raised in a small town in central Ohio.  After a year in Sweden on foreign exchange, I then studied and graduated from The Ohio State University.  After a few years working in food service, I moved to Chicago where I got my adult legs and learned who I really am.  It was in Chicago that I met the man of my dreams.  After years of frigid winters and the crazy commutes sitting in traffic we decided it was time for a change so in 2004 we moved to  Charleston, SC to be with family, remain close to water and far away from winter.  

My full-time gig is as a wedding photographer.  I love photographing weddings and making incredible memories for my clients.

So I write what I Love

I love coffee.  Dark roasted, black as night and a little bitter.  I love wine.  Mostly red but I have learned of many whites and rosés both still and sparkling that I assumed I would hate but absolutely love.  It was not until a trip to the south of France at a vineyard tasting wines, when I stated emphatically, “I do not like white wine!”  The winemaker looked at me and quietly said, “that is an incorrect statement, you just have not found the white wines you like.”  And she was correct, so allow me to “drink” my words.

World Traveler

My year as an AFS exchange student gave me the travel bug.  Experiencing other cultures, the people, the food, the history has given me my “open arms” worldview.  I have traveled Europe extensively.  My favorite city in the world is Paris, France.  We try to go exotic at least once every five years.  I have been to Myanmar, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France and Canada.


I am a dog uncle although I refer to myself as “The Pup-Daddy.”  Two of my sisters also live locally but travel for work, so we take care of Mikili, aka Miss Moof, a 9-year-old, 100 pound Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Breezy, an 8-month-old English Yellow Labrador Retriever.

My own “pets” reside in a 75-gallon saltwater reef tank.  Yes, we name the fish.  Baily our clown fish and Aloha, our yellow tang, have been with us for close to 4 years.  It is so calming to watch them swim among the coral reef that we have created in our tank. 

Then, of course, there is my wonderful husband, Gary.  He balances me; I can not imagine my world without him.