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Month: September 2017

Appetizer Platters, Wine and Great Fun

Today was our neighbor Natalie’s mother’s birthday, and her parents were in town. Gary and I have grown close to Nat and her parents, so she invited us over for happy hour to start the celebration before they had dinner. I promised to make a couple of appetizers, and of course, we would bring a bottle of wine. We were prepared to stay for an hour or so and then allow the family to have a dinner celebration. Appetizer Platter I knew I wanted to “bring it” since Natalie always makes such fab appetizers to bring to our house. It…

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Uncelebrated Holiday, Updates & more

Happy Labor Day! Labor Day is an uncelebrated holiday. Probably the most uncelebrated of all the federal holidays.  Most see it as the last three day weekend of the summer to enjoy with family before the school year “get’s serious.”   In actuality, this holiday was created by President Grover Cleveland as what was considered political “appeasement” to trade workers after the Pullman strike and subsequent riots and loss of lives at The Pullman Company in Chicago in 1894.  I will not bore you with the details, but there is an excellent summary here if you are interested. I see it a…

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Peach Galette & A Cheese Story

I would like to tell you that the everything you are about to read was planned to happen. But it was not. How the Peach Galette turned out perfectly is as shocking to me as it may be to you. The cheese… well that is just down right crazy.  Read on and feel free to laugh or cry.  I’m having a glass of wine. A very large glass of wine. Who Moved My Cheese? I was at the grocery picking up a few things I needed for my fresh peach galette crust. (who keeps unsalted butter in the house?) As…