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Month: July 2017

Hutson Alley Event: Rosé for Summer

Last Call One last push for my first survey.  I hope to get a few more responses so if you have not yet completed it, please do now. Click Here then scroll down until you see the box.     The Background Hutson Alley is a private walking thoroughfare that connects several of the Holy City Hospitality restaurants with Vincent Chicco’s on one end and 39 Rue de Jean on the other. Michael’s on The Alley, The Victor Social Club, and Coast Bar & Grill are in between, and Virginia’s on King is just around the corner. The alley faces a parking…

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Roasted Apples & Pears with Caramel Sauce

Our “holiday interrupted” was rescheduled for this weekend to eat up all the food we couldn’t make due to the kidney stone situation.  So we headed for the beach on Saturday afternoon and hung out with the sisters and get a quick dinner out after all the prep work for the Sunday barbecue was complete.  But dessert was back at the house, and I was making it.  We were also about to watch a movie; so I wanted simple and easy. And since I am an undisciplined Baker it could not require chemistry.  This was perfect. These roasted apples & pears took five…

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RIP: Meiomi Pinot Noir (That We Once Knew)

This post has garnered a great deal of attention since I first posted it back in July of 2017. When you do the online search, “what happened to Meoimi”, this post is at the top of the list. It gets 400 to 600 hits a month. So clearly, I am not the only person who thinks that Meomi has changed.  Since the original posting, I have even had an employee of Constellation Brands (although he did not disclose this fact) leave a comment that the wine has not changed. That is the position I would take too if I worked…


Holiday: Not What I Expected

If you have not yet completed the survey from Friday, please be sure and give it your attention. It should only take 2-3 minutes max. ⇒ Holiday Interrupted ⇐ This Independence Day holiday was to be spent at my sister’s beach house.  Since Gary had to work on Monday, we would head out after work that evening.  We were to have wine and grill bratwurst and just enjoy the company of two of my sister’s and each other.  The next day we would probably go for a beach walk, light up the Green Egg and grill pork ribs.  An early dinner would have also included…

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Pork Loin Chops Thai-style & More

I was shopping last Friday at Costco as I do at least twice each month and I came across these beautiful pork loin chops. It was a pack of six, and each chop was two inches thick. They were calling me, and I knew just what to do with them. Our neighbor Natalie and her kids just got back from a week long vacation, and we really missed them, so we invited them for happy hour and dinner on Sunday.  Her parents are also in town, and so I said to bring them along we have plenty of food. So the gang came over, and…

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